mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 5/Dec/2000

I am sitting atop a large grassy mound, with my brother: to our left is a large car park, and to our right is a depression, with a football ground in it, which is also the original Hampden Park. A bell rings, and we advance toward the football ground. We enter through turnstile H. We literally go through the turnstile, because it is an open metal frame. We go to our seats, which are out in the open air. They are only a couple of rows from the back. I realise that the game is Scotland versus England. The game commences, to a huge roar. I appear to be controlling the game, by means of a game off Kick Off 2. I am not very good at said game, but when I notice a long train cutting across the Scotland half, I take my hands off the joystick, for some thought-time. To my amazement, England break through the freight train defence, and score. I am distraught, and I curse the fact that I am no good at Kick Off.






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