mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 16/Dec/2000

I am in an academic building, which happens to be Strathclyde University. I enter an office that is cluttered with papers. It belongs to the professor of Computing Science. He is your Einstein-academic type. He offers me biscuits, and negotiates with my mum, trying to get me to study his course. [Ironically enough, this course is the only one for which I have received no offer.]

I'm at the SECC, where Christmas festivities are in full swing. A Cliff Richard concert is on in hall three, but I'm with friends at the Carnival. The big ride is a helter-skelter. We queue on concrete platforms that are joined by floating stairs. At the top, I notice that the slide is very narrow, and it would be easy to fall off the side, because there is no barrier. Furthermore, people are trading cards with bands on them, like Ben Folds' Five. It's wierd. I magically appear at the bottom of the helter-skelter, and life carries on regardless.






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