mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 18/Feb/2001

I am in a cross between an ice rink, a basketball court and a hippodrome. The curious game that several of us are playing appears to be a cross between American football and basketball. The ends of the court move backwards and forwards for some reason. I lean against one of them, in order to get some rest. A superhuman, PE-teacher-style, disembodied voice shouts at me for employing the "Park and Ride" game plan. I decide to move up front, and ask someone to track back for me. Just as I say this, the ball shoots over our heads and hits the end of the court, for a score.

I am playing a live action cross between Trivial Pursuit and Dungeons and Dragons. I am in a team with three other men, playing against a team of four women. We are on opposite sides of a round playing surface, with a sort of valley in the middle. A deity rolls the dice and decides what game is to be played. One such game involves our team trying to crawl into the middle of the "board", whilst under fire from triple-barreled shotguns. As my teammates are slowly eliminated by the barrage, each one shouts, "Argh. I'm dead."






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