mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 1/Apr/2001

I see a map of northern South America. A small, landlocked country, whose name begins with a P, and which doesn't exist, is highlighted. The country is in a state of emergency, because the despotic regime has banned food. The country desperately needs £10,000 for food bills, despite the fact that government has over £2 million in the bank. I then see a street of boarded-up buildings. One of them is a Three-in-One. The owners have fled the country, and set up a similar establishment in downtown Clarkston. Today, the Three-in-One is launching a joint initiative with Pizza Hut. My friends and I approach Clarkston Toll with heightened expectations. The new restaurant is called "Pizza Hut Plus". We order some pizzas, which, although they are served in under a minute, have the appeal of a Ryvita. As well as the texture. And taste.

I am in town, on Union Street, and about to get the train home. Opposite the station entrance, I notice a new bookshop, Books and that. Intrigued, I enter. I go through a narrow shopfront entrance, but further in, the shop seems to encompass the whole block of Union Street. I walk to the far wall, where there are some stairs that lead up to a gallery. I am alone on the gallery, and I notice that the roof extends a hundred feet above me. Furthermore, there is a glass wall that divides the shop in two, all the way from the ground to the distant ceiling. As I contemplate the largest piece of glass that I have ever seen, somebody throws a basketball against it, and it ricochets about the cavernous shop. The only things that I don't see are books.

I am at sea on a boat that bears striking similarities to the Titanic. It is letting in water, but it has managed to get back to port. Distressed people are sitting in buckets, which have been attached to the deck by ropes, and thrown overboard. A young woman is in a bucket, only yards away from her mother and father. A ship's mate offers to reunite them, via some rope-swinging trickery, but the young woman dives out of her bucket, swims to the shore, and disappears into the sunset.






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