mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 14/Apr/2001

I am in a computing class in school, and I have been deputed to take a class for the last five minutes. I sit with my feet up in a wall alcove, and wait for the bell to ring. When it does, I am returned to life as an ordinary "student". As I walk towards the back of the school, to go out for lunch, somebody hands me a fish in a plastic bag. I don't know what to do, so I head in the direction of the science department, a member of which could take it off my hands. I am somewhat distressed to find that all of the teachers have been replaced with others, who have settled in as if they had been here all the time. I am pulled into conference with my guidance teacher and another random person. We sit on either side of a desk in a tent that has been put up in on of the labs. Just as I am about to leave, I ask her, "Are you the only one left?" She answers in the affirmative. I leave for lunch, but this time go to the bowels of the PE department, where all of my friends are waiting. We walk towards the football pitches, discussing the day's events, surmising that it won't be long before a pantomime baddie is established.

I drive up a wooded hillock to a large house, next to which is a clearing. In this clearing, there are many (non-existant) members of my extended family. We appear to be undergoing a family tradition, of an eastertime talent contest. On four sides of a square family members line up, and each must sing a song. I realise that I don't know what I am there for, so I communicate with my aunt by means of a ghetto-blaster radio. She promises me an easter egg.

I and many other people are in Pollok, with the over-bearing belief that the world is going to end this day. The clouds are low and dark, even although it must be the middle of the day. I am worried that the inevitable will be put off any further, as the anticipation must surely be worse than the instant, painless death that has been forseen. I reckon that it must have happened, when some very warm rain begins to pour from the sky in heavy drops.






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