mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 18/Apr/2001

I am in the Computing Department of Glasgow University. I am moving through a maze of tunnels and rooms, each of which is connected by a moveable cube that has a video screen on the front of it. I finally emerge into a room that seems like a bank, with counters staffed by people behind bars. I meet a professor, and enter a lift with him. The lift begins accelerating downwards at such a rate that I become weightless, and begin to float above the ground. When we reach the ground, I leave the building a little shaken. I walk to Byres Road, and start to see people whom I recognise. It turns out that my extra-curricular visit to the university has coincided with an open day. Byres Road is congested with traffic, and so I walk down the middle of it, towards Hillhead underground station.

I am eating lunch with people who appear to be colleagues and of whom one is my boss. We are sitting at a table on the pavement opposite Stamperland Church. At the end of the meal, the boss leaves without even offering to pay, and so we each must take about ten pounds from our own pockets, to pay for the food. I wonder why he is allowed to get away with this, and consider a lawsuit.






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