mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 22/Apr/2001

This is all one dream:

I am in Williamwood High School, though, yet again, it is staffed by teachers whom I do not recognise. Where the janitors' office would be, there is a low ceilingèd amusement arcade and bar. I go in, and sit at the electric piano in the corner. I notice that the owner of the bar/arcade has no middle finger on his left hand. Stephen Tompkinson then enters the room, and takes a basket of hand-labelled floppy disks from the owner. I immediately suspect that some grave software piracy is going on.

That evening at home, I find myself again sitting at an electric piano, in a room in which I am the only person who is not a teacher. Fortunately, no disgruntled pupil-terrorists walk past.

The next day, the school is swarming with police officers. Towards the end of the day, I notice people in the bar/arcade handing money over to the owner, in exchange for a disk. I smell a rat, and resolve, hypocritically, to tell someone about it. I walk into the head teacher's office, and ask to speak with the police. Somebody directs me through a door on my left, then through another one on my right. The corridor becomes a widening staircase, which goes down and to my left. At its foot are two doors, one on top of another. Being sensible, and not gravity-defying, I take the lower door, which opens out onto the playground.

Once outside, I see a flock of police officers. I pursue them, but brought to their attention is a crowd of pupils from King's Park, who shouldn't be in the playground. I am beginning to feel dejected, and accosting random people with the words, "Are you a policeman?"






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