mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 28/Jul/2001

I am in an ersatz Sauchiehall Shopping Centre, and am walking upstairs to the car park. On my way, I cross through a huge, disgusting public toilet. I emerge onto a half-landing with a window. (At this point, consciously, I realise that I am dreaming.)

The window looks out across a courtyard. I open the window, and, safe in the knowledge that I am dreaming, I jump out of it. I imagine that I am going to land on a huge cardboard box, but I notice that I am actually going to miss it by about a foot. As I am about to fall to earth, my descent slows, and I do a somersault, in order to land on my feet.

I enjoy a good spell of lucidity, and walk around through various bizarre situations. However, to explain these would be revealing all sorts about my conscious mind, and I don't think you'd like that.






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