mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 11/Aug/2001

I am in a safari park. I notice three boys picking up what appears to be a dinosaur egg, from a pond. As they lift it, it transmogrifies into a 200-passenger jet aeroplane, painted in British Airways colours. They put it down, complaining that it is too heavy. Looking around, we see lions, so I run into the nearest fifty-storey building.

In it, I find that it is merely a public toilet. However, the urinals have two-player games consoles in them. I decide not to brave the inevitably-dangerous playing position.

I mosey outside again, but the lions have come closer. Fortunately a man comes up to me, and gives me some lion repellent to smear on my feet. It looks like Branston Pickle, but it works.

I am in a car in Santa Monica, parked at a mall, with my Dad. He decides to become a taxi driver, and I will be his navigator. We receive a fare, and have to drive towards a freeway. Before we make it there, my Mum calls me on my mobile phone to find out where we are. She says the the Queen called for me, but didn't leave a message.

I am at a dance at my old school. After the dance, the entire congregation is invited to watch a film of celebrities having an after-show party. We make our way to the cinema, and just as I am about to get to my seat, a PA informs the cinema that two tsunamis, 4m and 5m tall are about to pass through the auditorium.

I am downstream of the taller one, so I take the initiative to stand behind a wooden pillar. As the wave towers over us, the PA instructs us to close our eyes, and imagine a fantastic situation. I wait for an eternity for it to pass, with my breath held. A minute later, I feel warm water on the extremities of my trouser legs. Fortunately they are dry, and I take my seat.






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