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Dreams 8/Sep/2001

I am onboard a jumbo jet, and currently passing through a cloud. The pilot comes on the PA, and says the we are likely going to fall several hundred feet, as a result of turbulence. Fortunately, this does not happen.

We emerge from the cloud, and are forced to make an emergency dive, in order to avoid an American Airlines jet that is only a few metres above us. Looking out of the cockpit window, the sky is full of aircraft, and we have to thread our way through them.

The pilot is faced with a conundrum: if he pulls up, he will strike another plane, whereas if he descends, the plane will crash into a mountain. I think we crash into the mountain, and then fly individually through the air.

I land next to a petrol station, to which I head, in order to raise the alarm. Peculiarly, I find my bedroom inside, along with a couple of my friends. I decide to have a rest, after the ordeal.

I emerge in the evening, just before teatime, and notice another friend kicking a football about outside. I join him, and we indulge in some back-and-forth-ball-kicking. One of his shots unfortunately goes into the River Clyde, behind me.

After some procrastination, and my advice to the contrary, he dives into the river, to retrieve the ball. That he does, but he comes back up covered in some sort of green river-gunge.

More people join in the game, until it becomes more of a game of football. The ball goes back into the river; my friend goes in after it. At this point, I go off to have my tea.

I am in New York with my Mum. I am in awe of this fact, since I didn't expect to be there. We are driving through the streets of Manhattan, and I am staring up at the huge buildings.

I notice several McDonald's restaurants. There is also a former McDonald's, which has been changed into a "Jack In The Box", although the Golden Arches are still visible under the new paint.

We pass the NBC Television studios, and I rue the fact that we have no tickets for a performance. We then drive off along a country lane.

I am an immigration official at the Channel Tunnel. Strangely, the Channel Tunnel entrance is right next to Braehead Shopping Centre. It seems that several Albanian refugees have managed to sneak through, and my supervisor comes up and yells at me, unreasonably.

I resolve to visit my former childminder, who lives on Gordon Avenue in Netherlee. When I get there, however, the whole street has been roofed and turned into a long office building. Where her house would be is a lawyer's office. I ask after her, but it seems that she is out.

I am in the West End, visiting the University. I walk along University Gardens, and continue past where it actually ends to a bizarre rocky plaza, with a raised ledge surrounding it on three sides.

Beyond this, I encounter an ornate gate, with the words "Caledonian Necropolis" written in wrought iron across the top. I step just inside, notice the ornamental graves, and return out.

As I re-encounter the rocky plaza, I notice that water is spewing out of a pile of rocks in the corner. The sunken plaza is quickly filling up with water, and the people within are jumping up onto the ledge.

The water continues to rise up to my ankles. At the same time, a PA announcement is made, stating that "Your hard disks will be destroyed."






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