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Dreams 28/Oct/2001

This dream is a little weird, in that it started in the middle, continued to the end, then began and finished somewhere in the middle.

I am embroiled in a double-agency. On one hand, I think, I am loyal to someone who looks like Robert De Niro. On the other hand, I am pretending to be loyal to somebody called Mr. Moffrum, who looks like Marlon Brando. The whole thing seems a bit risky, and I worry about getting found out.

I am in the back of a car, being driven uphill by my parents, somewhere in Florida. We stop in a car park. Somebody comes to the window, knocks on it, and asks after our electric window controls. Knowing that he is probably a criminal, we pay little heed to him, but he pulls out a revolver. Becoming a little worried, we wait for something to happen. Two policepersons appear on either side of him, and they tell him to drop his gun. Unfortunately, it turns into a machine gun, and he opens fire. I am shot in the middle of my left hand, and one of the police is shot in the lip. The story ends.

Hereby starts the story. I am on a British Airways aeroplane, and I notice a spare seat (which is actually a full bed) in business class. I sit down in it, and begin to recline. However, it's not as comfortable as the advertisers would have you believe.

I am in Roswell, walking away from a military facility. Behind me, I hear a large object crash into the ground. Something green and ethereal floats towards me and knocks me out.






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