mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 25/Nov/2001

I hear a rumour that the classic early-nineties quiz show, Double Dare is coming back to TV. Also, it seems to be being filmed in Glasgow. So, out of curiosity, I sneak in to the studios at night, and my beliefs are confirmed.

The next day, myself and a couple of friends go along to see it being filmed. As we turn up to the studios, we are informed that two of us will be playing, and one will be waving a flag. I am one of the lucky to, and I join the green team (admittedly, there are three teams instead of a traditional two).

Sitting in the studio, I notice Peter Simon walk past, and Trevor and Simon in a corner.

The quiz begins, and the first question is, "What sort of magazine is Hustler?" I am perplexed by the subject matter, and another team answers. They answer all of the questions, and win.






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