mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 22/Dec/2001

I am on an aeroplane, heading for Sydney. Many hours pass, and the plane is approaching the runway. It is just about to land, when the pilot aborts, and pulls up abruptly. However, he doesn't notice that there is a tall mountain at the other end, and the plane ploughs into it.

Bizarrely, I am launched free, and able to run down the hill, away from the impending explosion. I stop at a small Australian petrol station, and ask what the phone number is for an emergency. I duly phone it, and explain what has happened.

"Duh," replied the operator, when I told her that a plane had crashed into a mountain.

I wake up in the house of an old friend. I go downstairs, and put on Radio 4. I settle down to listen to it, and am appropriately dressed in a towelling bathrobe. He looks surprised to see me.






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