mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 29/Dec/2001

I am working in an office, when I meet an Englishwoman. I talk to her awhile, and then suggest lunch at the Food Factory*. To that end, we go up in a lift. At the top, we find ourselves on the top of a building. Some small boys run out of the life, strap on army-style backpacks, and abseil off the building.

Without anything better to do, we turn left outside the lift, and walk towards the distant rugby pitch. On said pitch is going on the Six Nations match between France and England. Because she is English, and I am un-English, we go to opposite wings of the pitch (I to the far side, in front of an adjacent wall). Every time the ball goes out on my side, I run to pick it up.

On one occasion, the ball evades my grasp momentarily, and I must chase after it. Whilst my back is turned, the two teams form a huddle for a group photograph, and orange dogs with tails of rainbows bound across the pitch.

* Food Factory: place to have lunch in the QM at Glasgow Uni.






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