mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 6/Jan/2002

I am standing on Bothwell Street, where an opportunistic street trader is selling passers-by the opportunity to float upwards, attached to helium balloons. My mum pays for a shot, and promptly flies up to the level of a four-storey building. Upon that point, the balloons burst one-by-one, and she floats gently back down to earth. So intrigued by this am I, that I volunteer to go next.

The street trader begins to inflate some more balloons from his helium canister. He hands two of them to me. Bizarrely, they stick together, and then deflate. And, for some reason, I go off the idea...

I am in the (now sadly departed) Sauchiehall Shopping Centre. There is a small shop that has something like a record fair inside, which sells hard-to-find CDs, 7"s and things taped off the TV. Next door, there is a busy room, which is kitted out like a conference room. Out of it come eighties television personalities and minor musical celebrities. One of whom paints my face with chocolate sauce.






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