mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 10/Apr/2002

I happen upon the site of the Center Parcs fire, Elveden Forest, where I have holidayed in the past. It is a scene of frantic activity, and, to that end, four portakabins have been erected outside. There is a long queue at the reception, so I walk past it and into the park.

Inside, I see the destroyed Parc Plaza. It is shrouded in a mysterious darkness. I walk down the side of it, towards the lake. I look back and see the adventure playground. It has an amazing slide, like a huge version of the ones either in Kelvingrove Park or at the diggers in Hamilton. It has several twisting and looping slides emanating from the top. I envy the lucky children who get to ride it.

I then espy a slide before me. My dad appears and jumps down it. I go down after him, but we become stuck in a tight corner; and are then regurgitated at the top of the slide.

My point of view shifts upwards. I see a three-dimensional image of Jon Arbuckle, the guy from Garfield. It seems he is presenting a satirical television show. The slide is apparently a really good allegory for one of President Bush's policies. It made sense at the time.






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