mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 30/May/2002

My friends and I are standing precisely seven storeys below the Bull Ring roundabout in central Birmingham. The hideous shopping centre has been demolished, and we are standing in its bowels, which seem like a dystopian concrete city, with the Sun a distant pinprick, high above us.

Apparently, there are plans to build a seven storey, tower-block shopping centre on the spot where we are standing, and then another shopping centre, in the shape of a blancmange-crossed-with-a-cowboy-hat, above ground on the same spot. I surmise that the new shopping centre will just be one big Gap, although why this should be a problem for me is a mystery, for some of my most cherished clothes came thence.

Suddenly, the shopping centre builds itself, in a rather dull shade of yellowy-cream. And Gap does feature predominately. One of my friends is thrilled by this.

We decamp en masse to a Waterstone's book shop. I spend my time looking at books that I must buy, but don't need.


lyn black said:
Remembering how the old Bull Ring looked, a fascinating set of images by Birmingham photographer Pogus Caesar shows the site being torn apart at the seams. One particular photo of the fish market looks like it's being blown up and then huge mechanical vultures pick over the bones..spooky'





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