mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 31/May/2002

I am in my bedroom, fully conscious of my impending maths exam. It is dark outside, and the table lamp is on. My dad and another person come in to discuss revising for said exam. The other person sits on my desk [which is as it is in real life] and moves a book token onto the floor. I am concerned about the well-being of the book token.

I leave the room, and find myself in town, on Broomielaw, in a minibus with my friends. I realise that I have to spend the book token, and have to get off the bus urgently. One of my friends (who doesn't drive) remembers at the same time that he's forgotten to Pay and Display. Fortunately there's a pay machine at the bus stop.

I leave the group, and walk the Heilanman's Umbrella. On the corner, there is a large hospital, and under the umbrella, there are shutters that open to reveal ambulance bays. As I walk up, one of these opens, and a fire engine shoots out. I cross the road, and in between two of the bays, there is a doorway.

I enter this, walk upstairs, and find myself in a lift vestibule, with a window looking out onto the St. Enoch Centre. I stop here, and wonder why the lift starts on the first floor. I pick up a phone, and am about to telephone in my order for the book token, when...

[The cycle of Broomielaw to vestibule repeats a couple of times.]

I enter the vestibule to find that a family of slobbish people are occupying some settees, and calling the lift. I walk down a side-corridor on the same level. At it's end is a door, made of dark wood, like in a hotel. [I conclude at this point that I am dreaming, and - since I have virtually attained lucidity - I can make anything I want happen. I want my bedroom to be on the other side of the door.] I open the door, and it is a dingy corridor.






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