mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 2/Jun/2002

I have just arrived in New York, on a Saturday morning, and I am very hungry. I find a McDonalds, which is situated at the depressed entrance of a subway station or subterranean shopping centre (or both, like the Karlsplatz in Münich). Against my better judgement, I order a Chicken McNuggets meal (my better judgement being the American Chicken McNuggets have the consistency of a soggy mushroom).

I am slightly worried when I see that, for lunch, the manageress of the restaurant has her lunch - a hamburger - brought from a Wimpy.

My stay in New York is brief, for soon after I am in California. I am in a car, parked at the top of a hill. I can look behind me to see the skyline of San Francisco. I try to work out where this places me, for the ocean seems to be in the direction of the city (impossible, I know). I reckon first that I'm to the south of the city, but finally conclude that I'm some distance to the north, near Fort Cronkite.

From the car, I see that the road plunges down a steep hill to almost sea level. The road is very black, and it seems like the waves lap against it at its long, flat nadir. I take out a camera, and try to take some snaps. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work.






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