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Dreams 3/Jun/2002

I come into the main lecture theatre of the James Watt Building at the uni, expecting a last-day-of-term lecture. I sit down on my own, expecting my friends to come in and join me soon after. The hall busies up, and I notice my friends sitting four rows in front of me. I conclude that they should come up and sit next to me, so I start talking loudly to the person sitting on my right. They pay no heed.

The lecture begins, and it's my least favourite lecturer. However, he keeps the hall in high spirits. He leaves.

When he leaves, the whole room turns into a game show set (along the same general lines). Every seat has a video screen with an answer displayed on it. Each row has answers for a certain category (I'm sure there is a financial row towards the back). Answers are recorded by pressing the correct screen with an electronic boxing glove. The game commences, and it is multiple-choice. I answer a few, before sneaking out the back of the theatre.

I cross the street, and am in the playground of my old primary school. I walk towards the entrance, but stop halfway, and decide not to go in. I walk back towards the gates on Clarkston Road, and notice some children pointing at me from the doorway.

I return to the lecture theatre, as the game nears its climax. With some fortune, I near the financial row as the question, "What do elderly people not save money to go and live in?" is asked. I notice that the answer is "Old Fudge Home", and I press that screen with my electronic boxing glove.

I go back to my seat in the closing seconds of the game. In the last 30 seconds, any points scored are multiplied by the number of seconds left. As the last question is asked, the person sitting next to me steals my glove, so I cannot answer, but time runs out before anyone else can.

A teacher from my old school presents the scores at the end. He remarks that the winner was head and shoulders above the rest. A giant video screen shows the ranking. The winner, labelled "Stone" scored 197 points. The second- and third-placed players, labelled "Horse" and "River" scored 98 and 97 points. As the dream ends, it is revealed that I am the winner.






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