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Dreams 9/Jun/2002

I am on a school trip, with my secondary school contemporaries. The trip is similar in form to the renowned 1996 Netherlee-York excursion, and the hotel takes a similar form of being a long, terraced building. We have just arrived. The rooms are double but not en-suite.

I am settling down on my bed with some Apple laptop computer. I am trying to set up a bridge (the card-game) system for my dad, but to little avail. It seems to be an extension conflict, but anyway....

I notice that the door is unlocked. I walk over to it, and slam it shut. It is made of light-coloured wood. I then bolt it. However the door swings open again in my face. I figure that I'm going to have to sort this out, and, as I leave the room, I see the trip leader. I inform her of the situation, and ask what to do. She says that two classes' worth of people are queued up at the special school reception area. She suggests that I pose as a normal customer, because it's the only way things will get fixed. I fully intend to do this.

As I head for the reception, a PA announcement tells everyone in the Williamwood party to assemble in the upstairs dining room. Opposite my room is a set of stairs with a decidedly Escher-like quality. I have to walk down a short flight of steps to get onto the staircase, in which the stairs run parallel to the corridor, and the half- and full-landings do not line up with any floor.

I emerge into the upstairs dining room. It is built in the attic of the hotel, which has an extremely steep pitched roof. There are lots of tables, at which people are mostly eating potato wedges. In the room, on the same side as the staircase, there is a serving hatch. There are steaming pots.






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