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Dreams 9/Jun/2002

My very good friend and I are going to the cinema. The cinema is a hundred-storey tall building, and the screen, on which we are going to watch Spider-Man, is at the very top. Access is only by a 30-person lift, which opens right under the middle of the screen.

We settle down in the front row (unusually), towards the left of the screen, and watch the trailers and the beginning of the film. Before long, the film is stopped, the house lights go up, and a PA announces that, due to a risk of fire from lightning-strikes, the cinema has to be evacuated.

Hysterical crowds rush towards the lift, and it soon fills up. Neither me, nor my friend, get into the lift. A group of people notice a hidden doorway, at the right of the screen, that leads to stairs. However, given the impending fire, it is reckoned that they will not make it. We pace about, contemplating the terrifying death.

<Commercial Break>

The action transposes to Walt Disney World, Florida. There is a new theme park built, called Venetian Kingdom or some-such, and it has a ride familiar to me from a previous dream. It comprises a network of pipes, that you ride through on a seat. Water moves you through the pipes.

Looking round, Disney World is far more compact than it actually is. I can see the Earffel Tower (the water tower at Disney Studios with Mickey Mouse ears) over my right shoulder, and there is a motorway in the background.

I ponder the fact that I have seen this before.

</Commercial Break>

I am back, trapped at the top of the doomed building. The set has changed from a cinema to a modern, dark flat. There are windows, and it is dark and threatening outside. Only myself and an evil genius remain. The evil genius has somehow stolen Spider-Man's powers, by cutting open his chest, and swallowing his blood. He can now assume the costume at will. He also assumes the identity of various people, including Tony Blair.

He has control of a green aircraft, which I repeatedly see flying over the building and emitting a lightning strike from its engines at its rear. This, it seems, is how I am to meet my doom.

I notice a service lift at the rear, right-hand corner of the room (orientation taken relative to where the screen was originally). I make a break for it, but my nemesis threatens to shoot me.

The last thing I notice is the evil genius spreading lighter fluid on the carpets and furniture.






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