mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 16/Jun/2002

I seem to be Tony Blair's son, whose siblings include the three kids from Malcolm in the Middle. We are on some sort of traditional get-together with the Royal Family. I espy Prince William, and I introduce myself to him, saying, "I suppose we had better know each other.

The get-together is being held in a large, modern (and possibly German) house. The entrance is on the top floor, and the lower level(s) are accessed via a staircase at the far side of the open-plan ground floor. It is down these stairs that I find the sleeping quarters for my siblings and me. The room is long and narrow, having bunk beds set into the right-hand wall (as one enters the room), and a small window at the far end of the room.

I am in this room with my infamous brothers, who are acting up. I chastise them, but we are called from upstairs: it is time to leave. We come upstairs, and I look for a bathroom, in which to prepare for a long journey. I expect toilets to be abundant, but there are only two, on either side of the room, behind doors of Beech.






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