mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 17/Jun/2002

I am in the Glasgow University Union for some sort of prizegiving. I believe it is something to do with my notorious past in the Maths Challenge. We are led through the union, and up some staircases that would be more at-home in the late Sauchiehall Shopping Centre. We pass the Smoke Room, and are led into a suspended Portakabin, inside which are even more pool tables.

Through the near edge of the new pool room we pass, and into a small vestibule, in which, on the right, can be found a U-shaped, plastic settee. The party stop here, and sit down. On a twenty-inch television screen above the settee, some scores appear. I notice mine, and am modestly embarrassed.

I look around, and, for the first time in my university career, find that I recognise almost all of the people in the room. Somebody with whom I used to go to school enters and sits next to me. We have a pleasant conversation.






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