mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 17/Jun/2002

I am in the Psychology department of Glasgow University. It is approximately three o'clock. I am participating in an experiment whereby another person (unknown to me) and I watch a scary man (a convicted criminal or something) through a video link. At least, that is the first part of the experiment.

In the second part, we have to phone the scary man, and engage him in conversation. The other person goes first. Soon it is my turn to talk. I am not confident about this, for two reasons: (i) I don't like talking on the phone to strangers, and (ii) he is a scary man.

At the same time, I am offered another experiment, following on from the current one. However, by this time, it will be four o'clock, and I have arranged to meet a very good friend.

Eventually, I don't speak to him, and a lot of people come into the room and stare at me without speaking.






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