mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 25/Jul/2002

I am trapped within a third-person, isometric 3-D computer game. I am trying to open a locked door, which sits on its own (not on a wall or anything) at the top of a two-step doorstep, on the edge of a forest. However, I am being butted by animals, ranging from bison to odd winged mutants and general freaks.

I finally manage to pick the lock, and the door bursts open. On the other side of the door, there is an uphill path through the forest, which I run along. The beasts pursue me. The running is like a computer game: I start in the bottom-left of my field of vision, and run to the mid-right, then this repeats.

It turns out that I have been running up an escarpment. I and the beasts tumble over a steep, and very high, cliff edge and hurtle toward the ground, far below. Fortunately, two-thirds of the way down, we all sprout wings, and swoop into graceful flight.






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