mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 10/Aug/2002

I awake on Thursday morning, thinking that I have the house to myself. However, my dad has not gone to London as planned, and he is pottering about the house. I am expecting a visitor later in the evening, but another of my friends appears at my door at ten in the morning. It turns out that I have previously invited him round, and then forgotten about the invitation. I let him in and allow him to play on my computer.

Along the side of my house, a stagnant river of effluent sits. There is a lilo in the middle of it, and I wonder why I ever put it there. I return inside, and the settee has a purple stain, the colour of methylated spirit, in the middle of the cushion. I worry about getting this stain out, and it turns out that every cushion in the three-piece suite is similarly defiled.

[I was quite convinced by this dream, and I was relieved to find that my dad had, in fact, accompanied my mum to London; and that the suite wasn't ruined.]






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