mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 10/Aug/2002

It is Monday morning, and I am running late in getting ready for work. My aunt is, peculiarly, waiting outside to give me a lift. I go outside, and discover that she has driven halfway along the road from my house, in order to be closer to our destination. I accept this, and get in.

When I arrive at my workplace (which should be the National Waiting Times Centre, but it actually seems like an American college), there are crowds of young people milling about outside. I realise at once that it is exam day: my first fortnightly exam to check on my performance at work. I have not studied for it, but it is the sort of test for which one does not have to. However, not only do I have to take this test, but my friends are also amongst the throng. I say my helloes, and we are ushered into a classroom.

In the classroom - in which the desks are arranged in a horseshoe shape, with the apex at the far side of the room - it emerges that something sinister is going on. We are actually slaves to the company (cf. VersaLife in the game Deus Ex), and if we fail the test, we will be imprisoned. We are herded into a hall, and our nexts of kin and employers block the doorway and prevent us from leaving.






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