mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 29/Aug/2002

I am sitting in a futuristic setting, like a set from The Matrix or Laserquest, where I am sitting at a computer, playing a game. At the same time, I am speaking to a friend, who suggests calling it a day. I agree, but complain that it takes a long time to exit the game, which is somewhat infuriating. Once I emerge from the game, and switch off the computer, I walk out into a sweeping, curved concourse.

In the concourse, a huge crowd has gathered to watch people on skateboards skate down a ramp that has a line of flamethrowers at the end. Skater after skater is burnt to a crisp. Penultimately, a skater comes down the ramp so slowly that his skateboard does not make it to the wall of fire, and he seems to be saved. Finally, another person skates down the ramp quite quickly, but jumps off and starts running about crazy-like. He throws dark-blue sachets of white powder about the room.

Not knowing what he is throwing, but reasoning, from the fact that he is doing it with such intent, that he intends to maim or kill all of us, I flee. He follows me, however, and I begin to suspect that they might contain Anthrax.

After some time, the world, and space as we know it, cease to be, and I am floating in or shooting through a dark void, next to another of my friends. He implores me to take his hand, and I do - simultaneously changing the shape of the universe into that of a folded arm.






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