mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 2/Sep/2002

[An odd recurring dream, in two parts.]

I come home from work, and notice that I have only a short time to get ready for a parents' night at my old school. I rush into my bedroom and pick up some pencils, a sharpener, a rubber, a pen or three, and - eventually - my old Sharp calculator. I get in the car, and am driven to the school, and I am in time.

I come home from work, and realise that I have only a short time to get to the University, where I am to be sitting an exam as part of the January diet. I rush into my room, but only pick up a single black, biro pen.

I get in the car myself, and drive aimlessly and eratically, hoping to find myself near the uni. By chance, I find myself on Great George Street, which is (in the dream) a curved, three-lane road, between the right-hand two lanes of which I veer.

I park in the car park at the end of University Avenue, in the shadow of the Boyd Orr building. It is early in the morning, but I need to buy some stationery, to make up for my shortfall. To that end, I am prepared to pay £20. The first stationery shop on Byers Road is closed, because it is apparently early in the morning. I walk into the second one, and the tired-looking woman is only too happy to sell me sharp pencils, rubbers, and a grey Sharp calculator (like the one above).

I rush out, and into the Boyd Orr. The exam passes in a flash, and two of my friends and myself leave the building, seeking release. We walk into a stand-up comedy club, where it's open-mic. Two of us sit down; my friend stands up, and puts an amusing cardboard placard in front of him. I cannot laugh, however, as it is my turn next.






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