mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 9/Sep/2002

I am in a large field, where some sort of mass excursion (possibly from my old school) has recently been completed. We are thronging around the buses, waiting for our groups to be called, so that we can get home.

It is the next day, and I am sitting in a small library, which is possibly in the University. A fellow student strikes up a conversation about the previous evening, which, for the want of any better explanation, I take to be a reference to the odd school trip. We leave together, and I find myself in a perplexing streetscape. It is perhaps similar to York, or another large English town. The street, from my point of view, doglegs to the left, up a hill.

I feel as if I am in a computer game (probably due to the late-night-early-morning-mid-early-morning session of America's Army. Every time I look at a person, his or her name appears in my field of vision. All of the people, however, seem to be neds or otherwise-threatening people.

I branch off the high street, onto a road which combines Queens Drive (having a park on the right-hand side) and Elrig Road (having a railway on the left-hand side). I see some people wearing animal suits (a rabbit, and a short podgy man wearing a feathered cap and a fox's body, are two of the four). I know that this is a sign of a bottle-attack, so I am quite scared.






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