mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 23/Sep/2002

I am Reese, the elder brother of Malcolm in the Middle, and Malcolm and I are on a double-date. My date is an enchantingly pretty young lady.

We are sitting on a London-bound Virgin train; I am facing back. The conductress comes along, and I realise that I cannot find my ticket. In my pocket, I can find a bundle of loose change, my Zonecard, and my Young Persons' Railcard with about a hundred tickets inside it. On hearing my plight, she says she'll come back and get it later.

At that, the train slows to a stop, and then starts moving in reverse. Soon, my Zonecard is valid again.

The action, and its four main characters are transposed to a street corner in the West End of Glasgow, somewhere between Sauchiehall and St. Vincent Streets, west of the motorway. For whatever reason, I run away to the northwest.

I come to an oblong square, with tenements on all four sides, and a basketball court in the centre. About fifteen young people are playing basketball, but when I approach, they spread out, like in West Side Story, across the road, to confront me.

I run through a gap in the, and turn south at the south-western corner of the square. I run back to the street on which this escapade began, and rejoin my date. And we lived happily ever after.






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