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Dreams 23/Sep/2002

I spectate in this dream, and do not interfere with any of the characters. The premise is that somebody has committed an awful crime, and a group of people witnessed it. The criminal then stalks the witnesses, threatening them and their families. As the dream begins, we are in a multi-storey car park, next to a stadium, which is by the sea. The criminal, and at least two of the witnesses and their families are present. The dream, as far as I can tell or reason, references the following films:

  • The Bourne Identity (2002)
  • High Crimes (2002)
  • Road To Perdition (2002)
  • Casino (1994)

The assembled mass are going to an American Football game, and they are alone on an upper floor (probably the third floor) of the car park. The lift is jammed open, and appears to be broken. As he is here under duress, one of the witnesses considers jumping out of the car park, but the criminal senses this, and puts a stop to it.

Some people try to repair the lift, by throwing circuit boards and microchips at it, but this serves only to make it more precarious. Sensing that the cable is about to snap, the criminal snatches one of the witnesses' young daughters, jumps into the lift, and - a split second after it begins to fall - jumps out again.

We see a police car driving along a harbour-side. There is a large ship adrift in the harbour. The policeman stops his car, gets a large rope, and moors the boat at the quayside. In a wide-angle shot, we see the policeman mooring the bow of boat at the left-hand edge. At the right-hand edge, in the distance, at the stern of the boat, we can just make out some security agents or spies firing a gun at somebody. The criminal dies and is thrown into the harbour.






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