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Dreams 18/Nov/2002

I am in a peculiar long room, with long tables down its length, much like the dining room at Hogwarts'. I am standing somewhere in the middle, with my family and Prince William. It seems that I am Prince William's cousin, and as such, I am standing bolt upright, so as to be taller than him, as is my wont. We talk awhile, but the prince has to go and join his immediate family for a royal procession.

There is, it appears, a traditional royal procession that happens every year. The royals start at the top of a bridge that spans a deep valley, much like the legendary Bridge level in America's Army. They proceed down a spiral staircase in left-hand (looking up the valley) support, and emerge into their dutiful public.

I am on the bridge, on the right-hand side, far away from the action. I notice that there are snipers and other security personnel all around, waiting for their chance to shoot an intruder. For some reason, I am injured, and I cannot walk. My only hope is to crawl over to the area where the Queen and her entourage are standing.

To do this, I must crawl past the snipers. I guess that crawling would make me look pretty suspicious, so I fear for my life. Fortunately, the snipers wave me through, and I enter a small palace, high above the valley floor. I crawl up onto a velvet chaise, where government officials surround me. The Foreign Secretary, looking rather like a Sir Edmund Blackadder, rushes to my side.

"Excellent," he says. "We'll have to tell your story of how the royals are one with the common man."






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