mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 2/Apr/2000

I trust that you all saw through my April Fools' Joke. Maybe even some of you realised that you were actually watching paint dry? Anyway...

There is one new dream for you tonight, and an epic it is too. Some interesting business is going down at, as I am taking steps to perfect the new design of the site, and also work on an interface for an in-site search engine. It should be a little fantastic.

While you still can, I would recommend you to go and see 'Being John Malkovich' at the GFT or Grosvenor cinemas. It is a deliciously surreal tale of a puppeteer who finds a portal into the mind of the eponymous hero, and the best set-piece is when you see Malkovich going up his own portal. What can I say?

To whom it may concern, I did my music practical exam on Friday, and I think that it went well. For those who have still to do theirs, I wish good luck, and can say that they needn't worry about the examiner: she is very nice. Hopefully though, the Music Department will have found something to replace the overpowering lemon juice :-).

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