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Blog 29/Apr/2000

The city of Glasgow can now rest easier, with the news that I have returned from my holiday. ;-). My two weeks in Florida have come to their end, and I must say that I have had a great time. The weather was sunny, with temperatures in the eighties, and a cooling breeze. I think that I might just put up some photos, on a special page. Perhaps later in the month. Thanks go to Jen, who was the only person to wish me a good holiday on the guestbook. Those who actually wished me a good holiday in person, I thank you too.

Just because I have been to the happiest place on Earth is no reason to assume that I didn't sleep. In fact, I did. The fruits of my slumber will probably appear tomorrow, when I find time to type them up.

The time has come for me to concern myself with the new design of the site. My concept, I feel, is a little tasty, and I should hopefully be letting you have a nibble at some point in May or June.

So keep on coming, for we should be seeing a lot of new stuff in the near future!








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