mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 13/May/2000

How does it feel to be on study leave, then? Good luck to everybody who is sitting exams in the next month, and remember to keep it calm :-).

Tomorrow will be a reasonably big day for the site. The holiday pictures that I have promised for so long are just about to go through post-production, and I shall give you a pseudo-travelogue that will fill in the blanks.

I have got to say that I am sorry not to have replied to the millions of "I Love You" e-mails that you sent over the last week. I have just been too busy to reply to them right now. Don't worry, for I am very flattered, and I will reply personally to each one.

I must recommend a film that all of you must go and see. 'Man on the Moon' stars Jim Carrey as the late comedian, Andy Kaufman. If you have even the slightest sense of surrealism, then you should take a great deal of enjoyment from the film. Look beyond the seemingly cruel and unkind things that Kaufman did or said, and you will probably feel a real sympathy for him. The score by REM is also epic.

Also, come back tomorrow for some new dreams. (I promise.)








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