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Blog 27/May/2000

It is nigh-on two years since I last took somebody's quote out of context and exploited it for laughs. For one night only...

"I think most people know who I am"
- Gavin Strathearn

I'll apologise now, but that little gem came from Gavin's frequently asked questions page. Cheap shot, I know, but maybe we do live in a frightening world where Gavin is a ubiquitous household name for more than four billion people. Use the link below, and see for yourself.

Whilst we are on the subject of my friend's websites, I must also offer my congratulations for the communal success of Gareth's website, the message board of which has exploded several-fold. Perhaps it would be a nice touch to go over there and add your message to the board, but don't try to be too esoteric, in which case may a barrage of profanity fall on your head. Or not.

I must apologise for my low quality/frequency of updates over the past week-and-a-half. The truth is, I have been doing exams, studying for them, bowling et al. You're probably doing the same. In fact, I could say that most people are doing exams ;-). Anyhow, I've only done Maths and Chemistry since we last conferred, and they weren't too bad. Some people agreed with that viewpoint, others didn't. I've got Physics to look forward to, before a last-minute bend-over-and-squeal thrashing of Geography, German, Computing and Music. That will no doubt be fun.

I hope to put up some new dreams tomorrow. I may, however, have to reduce the number and/or quality of them as my head dictates. Oh, well, you have been warned.








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