mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 11/Jun/2000

I can hardly believe that they're almost over. Just the world's most ridiculous exam to go, and I shall be in fifth year. Of course, it doesn't feel like we should be in fifth year, what with all this madcap humour, when we're supposed to be mature. Still...

I was at the American Football at Hampden, yesterday, and it was a stoater of a game. In the last minute, the Claymores scored a touchdown to win 31-24 over Rhein Fire. Quite fantastic.

Talking of exams, as I was before I went off on that tangent, the vaguely superstitious Friday the 9th passed without too much hardship. The Computing papers were not the hardest that I have seen, and the Credit Music wasn't quite as bad as last year's. Afterwards, it was a pleasant relief to decamp to Julie's for tea. Cheers, if you're reading, Julie.

I also noticed that received their two thousandth visitor recently. I am quite proud that we have been able to attract so many of you over the last year, and I hope that we see another two thousand for 2001!

As ever, there are new dreams, although only two this week, for I have had other things on my mind...








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