mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 30/Jul/2000

All of this is being scribed by Jamie Watt, my faithful manservant. His earlier scribing work includes The Great Gatsby, the screenplay of The Perfect Storm and the third edition of the King James' Bible. Jamie is now available for work, with his able hands.

First of all, happy birthday to Lori, who was sixteen, earlier this week. We all had a great time at your party last night. It is true what they say, if what they say is that no good night is complete without ending up in hospital, I can vouchsafe.

This might sound like one of my increasingly surrealist tangents, but it is true. Whilst winning a short dash across the ghetto, I fell on a dolly-mixture of gravel, glass et al, and am now looking like Jamie on a good night. Okay, perhaps not that bad, but it's not really a pretty sight. I'll add that to my collection.








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