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Blog 18/Oct/2000

Hola. Some cynics may have been predicting the demise of the website, which has been devoid of an update well for over a week now, and some might even have blamed the impasse on the fact that I am in Spain. Quite right, actually.

The internet went belly-up on my computer on Wednesday night, after I installed Windows Me, and I didn't fix it before jetting off on Saturday to Mallorca. So, here I am, in an Internet Café in Alcùdia, sending you all a missive.

The weather is surprisingly pleasant for October (in the 70's), and we have just been to Palma Nova for a day in Marineland and Golf Fantasia. I have taken a few photos, and these might just appear on my return.

Are you busy writing your RPR at the moment? Pity. Well, keep at it and no slacking! The beach is but 5 minutes walk away...








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