mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 26/Nov/2000

Another Ducks story has come to an end, and ducks the world over breathe a sigh of relief, on realising that they won't become merchandise. Yet, though I predict their time may come. Hopefully, by the time they return, they will be in the cartoony form. Don't hold me to that, howe'er.

The Way Too Blue/Chase/al Music Extravaganza went off with aplomb last night. The first band... well, let's be fair, they were only young. The second band were immense (fabulous set), and they rendered Song 2 better than Damon Albarn himself, probably. Way Too Blue pulled off one of the less likely Back to the Future impersonations that we shall see this year (and were good). And Chase had the crowd going absolutely mad (and were good). All-in-all, a worthwhile expedition.

I must apologise to all the dream-fetishists out there. Nothing of note that I can publish has been dreamt. Sorry.

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