mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 6/Jan/2001

Perhaps I should now make my own New Year's Resolution. And here it is. I resolve to hereafter be post-ironic.

The execution of this resolution will be in three steps:

  1. Decide what post-irony is.
  2. Hum and haw.
  3. Remove every trace of irony from my life.

I'm not quite sure as to what it is though. I remember reading it somewhere, in a magazine - Pretentious Monthly, perchance? It must be the natural successor to post-modernism (aka post-PC, post-feminism), so what should that be? I reckon it's a slightly utopian world, where people do things because they want to do them, like things because they enjoy them, and say things because they mean them. In short, a perfect antidote to the late nineties. I admit to doing, liking, saying many things without conviction, passing my words off as humorous irony. This has to stop. And I resolve it will.








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