mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 11/Jan/2001

The guestbook is back. As is the one at Pastry. What a relief, because there's some priceless copy to be had there!

On a more sinister note, somebody at the government appears to be searching for the Newsnight presenter, Jeremy Vine, according to my counter. Somebody from the domain (British Government) came to a Murray page via the Google search engine. He once appeared in a dream, back last July, and now someone is looking for dirt on him. They surely didn't find it here however!




Mark said:
Lets add some joke to this spamm list:
A blonde and a redhead were sitting together having drinks, when the blonde noticed a man walking towards them with an arm full of long stem red roses. The blonde says to the redhead, "isn't that your husband coming carrying all those roses?"

The redhead says, yes it is. The blonde responds by saying, "Oh you are so lucky". The redhead says, "No I'm not. All that means is that I have to spend the whole week-end flat on my back, with my legs in the air and spread apart."

The blonde says, "Oh my, don't you have a vase to put them in"?





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