mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 14/Jan/2001

I suppose I can console myself with some music from the highest echelon of mid-nineties music. World Party's Bang! is fortunately nothing to do with nuclear war, or environmentalism. Rather it is just quite good, containing the wonderful song Is it like today?. I spied Ben Folds' Five on a friends compilation CD, remembered the wonderous Battle of Who Could Care Less and got it for Christmas. The Sixths are really something special, although I prefer the MP3s of theirs from the album Wasps' Nests to the still-quite-goodness of Hyacinths and Thistles, which spawned a frantic email campaign in order to find it. And then it just mysteriously appeared in a shop. Fopp on Union Street has spawned a revolution in music, selling as it does classic CDs for a mere fivespot.

This might seem like a strange post to this website. Of course, cynics will realise that it is really just a smattering of keywords, designed to attract search engines!

Happy searchings,







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