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Blog 14/Jan/2001

I was thinking about my 2000-retrospective, and noticed some flaws in it. First of all, from the music, Magic Hour by Cast was released in 1999, I released, upon remembering that I took it to France that summer; as was the best of Simon & Garfunkel. Strictly speaking, the best of Blur was filled with old tracks as well. As for the films, there were less errors there, as Unbreakable did meet the necessary criteria. However, I did forget to insert Toy Story 2 into the runnings, and so it would probably pop in at number two or three, pushing Mi:2 and the Chicken Run off the bottom. What can I conclude from this? Well (my opinion of current) music must be in a pretty bad state, if all I'm buying is old CDs, of which I must have bought at least twenty. Hmm.

eels! eels! eels! They're so good. Invest in them. And Ben Folds' Five (defunct). And Splodgenessabounds. Recreate the nineties in your hi-fi!








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