mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog 10/Feb/2001

...wheeze. "I'm not as fit as I was in my army days," he tells the Director of Education, "when I was the most feared group commander." The Director laughed, knowing fine-well that the Head Duck only worked Tuesdays in the WRVS canteen. The Head Duck knocks back a can of Tennent's, and serves the next shot. The Director knocks it against the wall with amazing power, and it ricochets into the Head Duck's copious stomach. He pops it out, and lobs it against the wall. After the game, which strangely ended nil-nil, they head to the bar, for lager shandy and prozac. On his way out of the squash club, he hears a shot ring out. He falls to the ground, with blood pouring from a wound in his stomach. He could not tell the police who it was, as the assailant wore a mask. But the detectives could draw up a list of several suspects. It was either...








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