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Blog 17/Feb/2001

A two-parted update this week:

First of all, I have found the best ever website. SatKids covers every BBC and ITV Saturday morning children's TV show since Swap Shop and Tiswas. More to the point, it has proved to myself that I did not merely dream of the shows On the Waterfront and 8.15 from Manchester. Which does make it worth its weight in gold. Vindication! Also check out the divine TV Cream, which delves into the vast realms of half-forgotten TV.

The symbolic horizontal rule now passed, I can deal with more pressing matters. Blimey Charlie, Lord love a duck, these prelims are hard-going. Physics and Geography were OK, if in places unimaginative. English was vergant on the impossible, posing such gems as, "How did the author make the appearance of the ghost seem realistic?" He didn't make it walk through any walls...

And the number of typos was desperate. Still, how we've all done remains to be seen. And Chemistry and Maths are in the hereafter.

Have a good holiday weekend!








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