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Blog 18/Mar/2001

I'm feeling cultural today, so let's have some artistic discussion:

Regeneration - The Divine Comedy. This is quite good, I was relieved to discover on Wednesday. The best song is undoubtedly Bad Ambassador, which I believe is lined up as the next single. The single itself is alright, and another song, Lost Property has its good lines. If you like (self-referential) pop, then the highlight is The Perfect Lovesong. All-in-all, it's not their best album, and I would say that it's most similar to Casanova, but without the arch peaks of Becoming More like Alfie or Something for the Weekend. Giving it a score out of ten would be mindlessly crass...

The Exorcist. I watched this last night, as it premiered on British TV. I'm not really a fan of horror movies, and really only went to see the Blair Witch Project because it was so hyped (though I enjoyed it).The Exorcist came as quite a surprise. I was impressed by all the imagery and special effects, and was chilled by the depiction of Regan, but I was only scared outright by the noises emanating from the attic. The film is definitely worth watching.

Reach for the Stars - S Club 7. This may just be the ultimate post-ironic anthem. Expect it in our TV campaign.

Next time, I'll probably be a lot more like Mark Lawson, but there probably won't be any reviews. Plus ça change...








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