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Blog 3/Apr/2001

If the Net were the world, and the web were, say, a superpower therein, it would be my patriotic duty, as a citizen, to talk to you about Shockwave. It's really good. You've got to go.

"A-ha," I hear you cry. "That's a cop out."

Well, yes, because it pales in comparison to one of its offspring. Shockmachine lets you download those amusing little games, and play them at any time, whether on- or offline. It even comes with the more popular games, like bowling and basketball (well, I like them).

And, if you see being online as no barrier to time-wastage, then I also love the online game, Inklink. It's like worldwide Pictionary, and, as I'm sure you'll guess, a lot better for the environment.

Macromedia didn't pay me for this, but rest assured, even if they offered to, I would lack the principles to turn them down.


Derek. The Dick Turpin of (good) Bandwagons.






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